World Peace Day 2020


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Although Jacqueline usually uses SCIO (or her other bio-resonance device) on a one-to-one basis for personal scan/assessment and therapies, it can also be used very effectively within a group setting.

This means you . .

  • Gain many of the benefits of an individual session at a fraction of the price
  • REST! Totally relax mind and body, re-charge, take time out for yourself
  • Improve stress-related health issues (possible pain relief), boost immune system and energy levels
  • Can support any work on your own personal issues
  • Feel a sense of deeper connection to yourself, resulting in more clarity as to next steps, what does and does not do you good.
  • Experience an environment of open-hearted acceptance in which to meet other like-minded people



Jacqueline draws on her wide range of skills, knowledge, experience and intuition to create these unique groups. They combine SCIO 'Energy Medicine' therapies with a guided meditation and visualisation process that takes participants into a very deep state of relaxation. Working with your conscious and unconscious mind, Jacqueline invites your whole Being to release stress and 'take in' whatever (bio-resonance) frequencies it needs in order to restore balance. Your body-mind is in effect 'reminded' what healthy and normal is thus supporting a return to vibrant health and well-being.

TOTAL well being means . .

  • feeling calm and relaxed mentally
  • abundant energy
  • comfortable in your body, physically well
  • pain-free
  • positive attitude that helps you deal with Life’s challenges
  • you may radiate inner peace and a quiet joy
  • heart-nourishing relationships, starting with a compassionate, nurturing relationship with yourself



A deeply relaxed state of body and mind acts like a RESET button, helping you return to your ‘default’ settings of harmony and balance. From there it’s relatively easy to allow positive re-programming for increased self-confidence and self-worth too. Jacqueline guides your body-mind to re-charge as well as releasing anxiety, fears and self-judgement. The group may also choose to focus on a particular theme such as:

Releasing limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks to abundance

Healing for yourself, family, friends and our beautiful planet



Jacqueline starts with a short explanation of vibrational/energy medicine and how bio-feedback and bio-resonance works. Depending on which device she's using, there may be a group photo and voice recording. Then...

1) Arrange your mat or blanket and cushions so that you can sit or lie really comfortably. You may even fall asleep and that’s fine. The more deeply you relax, the deeper and longer-lasting the results are likely to be.

2) Let Jacqueline do the rest!

You’ll be gently called back after about an hour, feeling deeply rested and recharged. Hopefully you’ll notice some of the other benefits mentioned in the testimonials. Everyone comes back to form a circle and there is an opportunity to briefly share your experience if you like.


IMPORTANT: For many participants, this group process can be surprisingly powerful and often takes them very deep. Time is needed to integrate the various levels of self-healing. It's best not to rush off immediately. Instead, please get something to eat and drink and make sure you feel fully 'grounded' before you leave, especially if driving.