Mrs L.C.B. - Honiton, Devon. 51 years old

Irritable bowel Syndrome – I have suffered from this for many years and have to be so careful about what I eat. Otherwise I have terrible pain and diarrhoea. Before I went to Jacqueline I was having at least one episode a week. After a single SCIO session I didn’t have an attack for several weeks and overall the attacks since then have not been as bad as they used to be.

Claustrophobia/ Fear of flying – several months later I had another SCIO session because I wanted to fly in a plane but was terrified to do so, definitely too scared to actually get on a plane. Jacqueline gave me a combination of SCIO therapy and Bach Flower Remedies which certainly made me feel more confident to fly. For our Silver Wedding Anniversary my husband arranged a flight to Edinburgh. Before I got on the plane I was nervous but once I was in it I was fine, not at all claustrophobic. On the return flight which was at night, we had a lot of turbulence which I was okay with. I was quite surprised that I even enjoyed it!*

Overall I feel SCIO was beneficial to me and would certainly recommend it to others to try. Both times I felt tired initially but afterwards had lots of energy and felt better generally in myself and that lasted quite a while.

*(out of politeness, what she hasn’t mentioned here is that the turbulence was so bad that some passengers were even being sick! JK)


Mr A.R. - Hammersmith, London. 48 years old

I was working hard to meet a deadline and was very tense and stressed. My back ached and I was tired. I couldn’t afford a long rest break but I needed to recharge.

In spite of my busy mind, I soon fell asleep during my relaxing SCIO session. I awoke refreshed and energised able to continue my day in a calm, balanced mental state and free of backache.

Thank you Jacqueline


Tom  G - Brighton, 51 years old

A quick note, Jacqueline, to let you know how much improved all my previous symptoms are!! (after a single SCIO session)

Hayfever, asthma, skin (eczema), depression - all much improved. Energy levels – big leap forward too! I used to sleep after work most days – recently however I’ve not had to, plus I’ve been waking each morning feeling alive! I’m sure it was the SCIO as well as the elimination you recommended of wheat, dairy and sugar. So a big thanks to you!

My daughter, A, has some nagging skin problems so I’ll bring her up to see you  soon for a SCIO test for allergies etc.

9 months, and 6 SCIO sessions later: thank you for the ideas you have put my way, plus all your efforts to get my health in good shape. You have given me goals to work on and it’s really paying off. My skin, hair (which had been thin, dull and lacklustre), asthma are all good; depression- very rarely; sex drive – good


Mrs H W - Paignton, 62 years old

I tried SCIO because I was feeling very down and fed up with life. After 2 days of feeling sick and headachy, my emotional levels lfted. Other results were my lower back felt stronger. I could leave off the magnets I had worn for the last ten years (to ease the pain due to 42 years of hairdressing, bending over people.

I was very addicted to coca cola, and would drink 4 to 5 tins a day, for 25 years. I am now down to one and drink lots more water.

I also had gum disease and was frightened of the dentist. SCIO enabled me to have 2 ½ hours of intense dental treatment in one go.

Emotionally I am staying level which is not easy, as I looking after my 85 year old father who has Alzheimers.

SCIO has given me my life back. Thanking you…..