What is SCIO, How energy medicine works

The SCIO Naturopathic Healing Device

Just as our fingerprints can be used to identify each of us, all living things have their own energy frequency patterns, (a specific combination of electro-magnetic frequencies) which belong only to that particular type of bacteria, food, plant or body cell. So, once these have been identified, this knowledge can be used to our advantage to support healing and health maintenance. Thanks to Rife and other extraordinary scientists, this information opened the way for the development of ‘Energy/Vibrational medicine’.

Energy medicine is, of course, not new at all (homeopathy, reiki and various forms of hands-on or distant healing) but using it in combination with technology is relatively new. Vibrational medicine developed partly out of the need for astronauts in space to be able to test, treat and optimise their health without using chemical medications; instead, energy medicine therapies aid healing by delivering the frequency patterns of specific remedies and by actively supporting the body’s natural healing processes. Therapies cover a wide spectrum of physical illnesses as well as such things as trauma, depression and hyperactivity.

SCIO is a vibrational medicine device. It uses state-of-the-art technology, based on quantum physics, to de-stress and help restore balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This bio-feedback therapy is gentle and yet profound, using harmless electro-magnetic signals to give and receive information impulses to and from the body. During testing and therapy these natural energy frequencies are read and interpreted by the SCIO device and computer. The client’s reaction is tested against a database of thousands of different frequencies. These are the specific energy patterns of, e.g. viruses, bacteria, different remedies, foods, as well as various types of normal and diseased tissues. SCIO can then amplify the healthy, positive frequencies while unhealthy states can be given bio-resonance therapies to help support a return to normality.

SCIO constantly monitors the client’s subtle responses to ensure an optimum level of physical, mental and emotional therapies at all times. This allows maximum therapeutic benefit at a pace which is appropriate to the client’s state of health in each moment.

SCIO is great for a one-off wellness check-up. It is also used in a series of sessions to de-stress, boost the immune system and support/speed up healing of specific problems.

SCIO Testing and Therapy

A SCIO session is interesting, non-invasive and de-stressing. You just relax on a massage couch with clothes on, shoes off. A headband as well as wrist and ankle bands link you to the SCIO device which is connected to a laptop.

SCIO functions in a similar way to a virus scan on a computer. Scanning the body, it detects weaknesses and abnormalities such as eczema, candida, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, infections, food sensitivities etc. Stress, the health of your immune system, body organs, meridian energy flow and many other factors are all checked.

Based on the results of SCIO biofeedback testing, each individual case receives tailor-made therapy designed to get optimum results. Dysfunction and imbalance can be dealt with using a combination of different SCIO therapies. Hormone and other body systems may be helped return to a state of balance. Back problems usually respond well too. Other commonly used therapies include injury repair, anxiety, hay fever and arthritis. There are also beauty therapies e.g. for anti-aging, cellulite, and to aid weight-loss.

The results may be many and varied; clients are always relaxed and often feel a noticeable energy boost with increased mental clarity as well as improvements with physical problems or pain.

Health Detective and holistic health practitioner, Jacqueline Kareh, works in Exeter, Devon and, by arrangement, in Hammersmith area, London.